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Omnimeat is an international food trading company with a focus on the development of export and import. Through our established relations and ever growing network we offer various ways of cooperation. Usually we act as partners, customers or suppliers. It proves our commitment and shows our confidence in a positive result. The collective result is always our main goal and our real incentive.

Meat is our heritage. Infused by some 100 years of family business from butcher shops to international meat trade, always with a strong desire for business and product development. From the finest meat products to the full animal.

Food is our passion. We develop international business for innovative and quality food products. From just an introduction between new partners to ownership of the goods, to and from your doorstep.


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Here we give regular updates on our projects, new product additions, upcoming events and enquiries.


October 2016. From the week commencing 17 October our innovative Spices & Herbs…

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September 2016. When we launched our handmade apple tart with old school spices…

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SIAL PARIS 2016 (Thank you)

October 2016. A big thank you to all the people we met at SIAL this year. We enjoyed…

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